Thursday, October 29, 2009

Small trip today!

Today we are going for a small trip outside of Prague. We will be heading to see Pepik's older sister who lives about 30 kilometers outside of Prague. I'm not sure what the town is called. I'm just excited to go see a smaller town. We will also be stopping by Karlovy Vary, which isn't too far away.

We'll be leaving at about 12 or 1pm, since we have to wait for Pepa's brother Vashek. It will be me, David, Erik, Vashek, and Pepik who will be going. We'll make sure to take a bunch of photos so you all can see what we've been up to.

Halloween is slowly coming up! Halloween here in Prague is not very big, however there are places that do celebrate it with costume get-togethers. Katie, David, and I were thinking of maybe dressing up and heading somewhere for the spooky night... but currently we have no costumes... We really can't spend money, so we are trying to figure out what we can do that's really creative. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know!
I really wish we could carve a pumpkin and show it off since they look so nice lit up... but I haven't seen any pumpkins anywhere. :(

Yesterday was pretty nice, instead of going to school like I normally do, I got to stay home and make Mexican at Katie's apartment. Yesterday, October 28th, was a national holiday here. So all schools and public buildings were closed. This national holiday was when Czechoslovakia declared their independence from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This was a time of Czechoslovakian prosperity, with a top economy... before bully Nazi Germany took over.

Yesterday when David went to take out the dogs, he noticed tons of police everywhere around the Square right across the street. There were huge SWAT vans everywhere with SWAT police decked out in tactical gear. There were even cops on horses. I guess they were everywhere. At first there was no rally but, eventually people showed up and there was some rally that took place. I asked Pepa if he know who they were and he just said they were skinheads... yikes! Katie has the name of their group, and she said they were seen as some extreme labor group who protested the government. She listened ina little bit, but it was hard to understand them, so she left... She was worried they were extreme... and she might have been right... Here are some pictures so you can see what it all looked like:

I also want to post a few pictures of our room, since I haven't done that yet. It's a pretty spacious room, the only thing I don't really like is that he left a piano in. If I could get rid of the piano, I would either put in a small couch, or a breakfast table so we wouldn't always have to use the desk.
What do you think of the carpets?! Pretty awesome right! Lol.

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