Sunday, October 23, 2011

Indian Videos

Above is our preview/trailer video of our Indian Adventure.

Below is the full length video.

My Italian Vacation

Wow it's been a while. I'd like to share some of my pictures from this last summer. I took an end of the school year vacation to Italy. It was so beautiful but also a bit hectic since I was traveling by myself. 

Check it out!

I started out by flying into Naples and staying there for a while.
 Above is a great view of the whole city with the volcano in the background. Vesuvius, the volcano, is mainland Europe's only active volcano.

I didn't do too much shopping, but it was nice seeing what the city had to offer. 

Since it was so hot it was great stopping by the ice cream shops and testing out their flavors. In the picture below I stopped by a shop that specialized in chocolate ice cream. I had the white chocolate and it tasted amazing!
 Pizza!!! The pizza is so different from American pizza but it is very good. I got the simple tomato, mozzarella, basil Margarita pizza and that was all I needed. It was simplistic but tasty. Compared to American pizzas, Italian pizza is very thin, but the quality level of the ingredients I think is what makes it so yummy.

Next I made my way to Herculaneum by trian. The ride was only about 40 minutes. See the picture below to get an idea of location.
Rick Steves' can better explain some of the background on Herculaneum: It's smaller, less ruined, and less crowded than its famous sister, Pompeii. It offers a closer look at ancient Roman life. Caked and baked by the same eruption in A.D. 79, Herculaneum is a small community of intact buildings with plenty of surviving detail.

After exploring Herculaneum for the day, I hopped on the train again and made my way to Sorrento. Sorrento doesn't have much to do there, so I made sure to stay only for one night. It was a rich looking tourist town, but, it was so beautiful. I'm glad I went there for the day and a half. Below are some pictures.

After Sorrento, I made my way by trian to southern Italy, Praja. I loved Praja because it wasn't so touristy and it was like paradise. I got plenty of sun and relaxation time. After a busy city like Naples and all the train travel I really needed the lazy time spent on the beach.

 The water was so warm and clear. Beautiful.

 In Praja I met a really nice Swedish couple and ended up traveled to Rome with them. I didn't have any accommodation set up in Rome so I ended up following them to their hostel where they had room for me. We actually ended up arriving too early to Rome so we just hung around the Rome train terminal at night so we wouldn't have to pay an extra 20 euros for a hostel room. It was an adventure!
 Second time visiting Rome! Below is the Colosseum.

 After being in Rome for a few days I ended up flying back home to Prague.