Friday, May 8, 2009

Janet's Baby Shower and Birthday Party =)

On May 3rd, I hosted a double Birthday/Baby Shower for my little sis Janet.

Everything went great, the food turned out awesome, she loved all her gifts, and we got to take some pictures of her and her huge tummy!
I also got to be a little creative and decided to make a diaper cake for my sister and her baby boy. Kai and my
mom helped me roll up all the diapers :)

Some of the things she got:
From me- baby shower gift basket (tons of stuff in it), baby changing table, books, baby medicine, etc.

Family Picture!

Look at that baby bump!


Our Graduation Information.

You are invited to David and my Portland State University Graduation!
It is going to be on Saturday, the 13th of June.

It will be at: 10:00 a.m.

Rose Garden Arena

After the ceremony we will be going out to eat at a resturant... I don't know which one yet... I'll update this blog once I find out were we are going to eat.

There will be a Graduation PARTY Saturday night. I will contact those that are invited to the after party.


Bought the Tickets for Czech!

So yesterday was an awesome day... We finalized the date for when David and I are going to Prague!

We will be leaving September 17th. I've got to say, buying a one way ticket is a different experience... the airlines are completely out to get you! I didn't realize that a round trip is cheaper when flying internationally (ours was actually the same price as round trip).

I even made sure to set everything up with the airlines to make sure our pups will have a spot on the plane. I even called Delta twice to make sure and confirm that they were actually in their systems. Basically, there's a limit for how many animals can be in the cabin... so I needed to make sure they can be on board with us... I'm pretty sure my dogs would die if I had to put them under the plane.