Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's Our First Snowy Day!

So today it has started to snow here in Prague and I'm not going to lie... I AM NOT READY for freezing weather!

I seriously feel like need to go buy some comfy essential that I don't have. I do have a couple nice jackets but they aren't as comfortable and warm as I'd like. I also need some gloves and maybe a nice sweater...

It is so cold here, I think like 38 degrees, but it feels way colder. Pepik asked me if we have the right kind of clothing because it's going to get super cold here. My mom was warning me about this and I think David was more prepared than I.

Tonight we are going to see a movie, probably "Surrogates." I'm excited because we haven't
gone yet to see a movie here. It's too bad that all the movies take so long to get here. David's keeping himself busy though, yesterday he started a book and today he finished it. I think it's
like a record for him. Just for fun I want to go check out the bookstore... even though technically I still have a bunch of books to read (not to mention my homework), but David could get another book. Also, we are getting a package today that was send form dad! It should have all our DVDs and our mini laptop! Yay!

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