Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Monday!

Hello Hello!

Things have been going pretty good here so far. I can't do anything right now with my Czech citizenship, because I'm still waiting for all the paperwork to process and then to be sent to me. I need three main documents here so I can change my name and obtain a Czech identification card. I need my American citizenship paperwork, mom/dad's marriage certificate, and the adoption paperwork that changed my name. Once I get the all with an apostille, I can have them translated and certified here. David also has to take another trip to see the Foreign Police to register where he is staying. That way when he applies for a residency permit, they'll already have an address for him and he wont get fined...

Yesterday David went on a bike ride with Pepik and the kids. What David thought was going to be a 30 minutes bike ride turned into a 30 kilometer bike ride through the city and country. I stayed home (fearing it would be a looong bike ride...) and ended up reading and finishing a whole book! Anyway, I knew the second David came into our room saying he needed to find biking shorts that I did not want to go, lol. Pepik, the kids all had full biking outfits! David
was going to go in his jeans, but they told him "um NO, go find biking pants..."

So David left biking at 11am, and when he arrived back at the room, it was about 4pm... When he came home, how can I put this gently... he was pretty tipsy! Apparently throughout the bike
ride they ended up stopping many times to visit with friends and eat some snacks. Well every time they grabbed a kebab, they also grabbed a couple of shots! When they stopped at the restaurant to visit the friend I guess they had about 7 shots of slivovitz. Well, he did have a great time since they even stopped at the fair and went on some rides and bumper cars. Unfortunately I don't have those photos yet (Pepik has them)... But I'll post them when I get them. I guess they also stopped and pet some horses (I saw the pics)... Looks like they had fun.

Nicole did tell me that towards the end of the bike ride David almost ran into a rollerblader, and almost fell over, lol. After David came home, I ended up up coming down to the local pub to grab a few beers with Pepik and Bara. Pepik actually gave me this traditional cookie thing that you can find at festivals and fairs. I usually find them and give them to people, but I don't think I've received on yet as a gift.

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