Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to Prague

I can't believe I'm heading to Prague tomorrow! It seems totally nuts.

I'm so glad this summer is over. Seeing everyone was just what I needed, but I'm completely ready to head back and start some traveling before school starts. So my flight out of Portland is at about 1:30pm. The poor Davids are getting up super early to leave before me, I think they'll be at the airport by 4am. Meanwhile I'll be sleeping in... Today Janet and Paul are coming to Seaside to pick us up and we will stay with them the night. It's nice they can do that and that they live so close to the airport.

I will be arriving (with the pups) into Prague about 2:30pm, the 16th. Since the Davids will be in Prague before me they get a taxi ride home from Pepa (lucky!), I'll be taking the metro back. Speaking of, I really need to find some $crowns$ so I can buy the tickets to get home! I think Art said he had some left over money from when he came to visit. That would so be perfect...

Yesterday was a really awesome & busy day. I went to visit my grandma, grandpa and uncle to say my goodbyes. Then I headed to the Lumberyard Restaurant in Cannon Beach. My dad, David, and brother David all came (this early dinner was for my birthday & a goodbye treat). Thank you dad for the amazing steak & beer!
Then we made plans to meet up with friends at the Wine Haus at the Outlet Mall. It was super fun. I'm so glad we went there for a last hang out... When the Wine Haus closed at 8pm we all headed to my moms. It was a perfect ending for a perfect day!
I'm really going to miss everyone... I'll try to make sure to keep up with this blog. Later!

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