Thursday, September 23, 2010

Culture Shock: Cairo, Egypt

Oh man, I made it! I'm here in Cairo and in awww at what I see! Everything is so different here it's crazy. First of all, when we landed And entered the airport I could see the differences right away. The difference in dress is one of the first things I noted. Most women are very modestly dressed, wearing head scarves and long sleeved shirts under their fashion clothing. The men wear mix of Western clothing with their traditional Egyptian wears. I'll have to post pictures later because I can't remember details right now.

Before being able to leave we had to go to these windows where banks exchange money and sell the Visas. The Visa cost David and I 15EUROS while bro David only had to pay $15US dollars. Lucky he had the US money, it cost him less! After we got the visas we headed out to the customs booths and they inserted the visas. Then we headed out to find our ride. David arranged our pick up through our Hostel. At first we couldn't find our ride so we just headed outside to see if he'd be waiting out there. The second we got out there the heat blazed against our faces! Man that airport was really well air conditioned! Then, right away, the taxi drivers start coming up to us and asking if we'd like a ride, "for a great price of course". I think I got asked like 20 times in 10 minutes!

Finally we heading inside because this tourist info guy told us he could help. So as we're asking to make a phone call to our hostel the guy starts up this little act... "oh.... You're staying at that hostel... It's a really bad one... You should stay at this one instead." At first we were totally listening but then we realized that this was what was to be expected. Everyone gets some commission if they get people to their friends hosels/tours/taxis. Anyway, right then a guy comes up with the sign from our hostel and David's name. Phew! He was just in time! We didn't even say anything, we just left rigtt away with him.

Man... All I can say is that it can be a battlefield out there for tourists I'd they aren't a wear of some of the tricks people use. Luckily we got a great little hostel with some funny guys managing it. I have sooooo much more to say, but it's got to be continued cause little David wants to see the iPad too! I'll write more later.... Byebye!

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