Saturday, May 29, 2010

5 Days to Go!!!

Only 5 days left until I come home. Wow! Can you believe it?!? I can't. I am still studying and finishing classes. The last few weeks have been so horrible when it comes to finishing up. I'm getting distracted by the fact that I'm going to be coming back to America & last minute group activities with my friends. I still haven't packed or cleaned up my room. I also have a few things to pick up at the store. I really hope that we'll be able to take everything we want back home. I'm not even sure if we can have two bags. I'm pretty sure we can only have one. I don't really need to take back that much stuff anyway. Below is a picture of one of the orders my grandma made. It's a pretty big box hu... And there's another one too! There's all sorts of yummy things here that you can't find in the States. I think I'll bring some back for me too.If there's anything that anyone wants from here please let me know! This is your last change to tell me.

It's so weird to think about all the things that I've missed while being in Prague. One big thing is driving. I wonder if I'll be out of practice?! I'm so used to walking everywhere that it is going to be so weird driving. I'm also used to pretty steady weather now, well... you never know how Oregon is going to be. I'm really hoping it is going to be a nice summer. I want to wear my summer dresses all the time. Omg, I also learned how to use a umbrella (well not literally), before I'd always run here and there without anything (like true Oregonians), but here everyone uses an umbrella and I've come to like not getting drenched. This may also have something to do with the fact that people walk and don't drive as much. I also can't wait for the food... as much as I love Czech food, Czech do NOT like spicy food. I mean there's no spice located anywhere here! I have had some really spicy buffalo wings once and tried a spicy enchilada... But two times in 9 months?! It's so frustrating. Whenever I make Mexican at home I use this spicy chipoltle sauce and whenever I give it to a Czech to try they are shocked at how spicy it is. Spicy here is mild in the U.S. It also seems that the food here is not as processed though, it's nice. Oh man but there's no diet food here... It's like, why would we need diet food, what is that?! Everyone is pretty fit here. Even with all the beer, it's quite amazing (except all the old men have big beer bellies, haha)... I think I've discovered the secret though... You'll see, I've even lost 7 kelos. :D I am a little worried about going out to socialize in the US. I don't know how I'm going to survive without a local pub to go a chat at for hours. Relax, talk, and have a few cold beers. Basically I'm coming home to an 'inconveniently located pub, people not wanting to socialize in a pub over beer, and super high drink prices'.... How depressing! I guess the alternative is to invite people over for tea, wine, beer at my place... umm wait, my mom's place.... Seriously depressing. Also, a part of my workout routine is dancing all night long... not in Seaside... there is Girttles, but it can get same ol same ol.

Anyway, there are many things I'm excited about, but also some things that I've grow accustomed to here. I really can't wait to see my family and friends. I hope the whole three months end up being really fun, even with me working.

So I've also uploaded a video that I took and edited of my friend Victor's birthday. He is playing with his birthday present lightsaber... I'm quite proud of this little hilarious video, I only with you were there in person to experience it. These two (Victor & Ben) are the two funniest and funnest French dudes ever. We've even made plans to go see them in France... Can't wait for that!!!

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