Monday, September 27, 2010

Luxor: Part 2

So today is our last day in Luxor. We were able to go see all the sites we wanted and now are just hanging out. You see it's not so easy to just head out and wonder the streets like it would be in cooler places, it's peak time for the heat right now and it sucks! When you stand outside for 10 minutes you start to sweat so much that it just pours off of you. The nice thing is that by now were used to it and it's not as bad as it was the first few days. Everyone is sweating and it's all right! What's funny is that nobody really smells.... It's so hot that the sweat doesn't really have a smell ( thank god).

Today we went to go see Karnak Temple. I think it was my favorite site yet. You're able to see how grand the temple would have been back then because they reconstructed a lot of it and its huge! I guess it was buried for a long time ( thousand years I think) and it's one of the most impressive ancient temples to see.

Our night train leaves tonight at 8:30pm, so we'll be there an hour before, luckily it's only a short walk away. One nice thing about traveling here is that the cab rides are crazy cheap. For a 2mile ride it cost us 10 pounds (only $1.75 US) and I it would have been a few pounds less for an Egyptian.

Another thing I wanted to mention was how cheap the food is here in Luxor. It's even less expensive than in ciaro. For lunch today David had a traditional past mix thing, I had a falafel sandwich, other David had an egg sandwich, and we had 2 sprites for 16 pounds ($2.80). I love the cheap food thing... Now I only wish we had more money for more shopping. I would have loved to get presents for people but it's just impossible for us to do so. So sorry to disappoint everyone but no room or cash for gifts.

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