Friday, April 15, 2011

Hello Mumbai!

So David and I made it safely to Mumbai and currently we are resting at our friend Rohun's place.

The airplane trip was not that great but we survived it. Since we were feeling pretty sick right before we left we medicated the night before we left and actually were able to fall asleep for a while. We woke up and were ready to go feeling somewhat ok (definitely better not worse), but after the first flight from Prague to Istanbul David and I both started to feel worse. It didn't exactly help that we were delayed for about an hour and half with Turkish Airlines. I was tired and my throat was killing me... Once we made it on the airline though we were able to relax. I tried to sleep but that didn't happen.

When we got through all the customs and picked up our bag, we headed outside where there were crowds of people hovering outside. Luckily the airport put railing around so there was a circle area where people coming out of the airport could situate themselves. The heat when we landed was not that bad. I was wearing my jeans and I was sweating just a tiny bit. I think what gets me is the humidity. Since Mumbai is so near the water it has this muggy heat to it.

We found Rohun right away and made our way to his car. It's great seeing him. He actually just got a job right before we came working as an assistant manager within some Bollywood film company. I guess it's supposed to be a really great job so he couldn't turn it down when they offered it. :) We also met his parents and grandmother, they are all such nice people! I'm excited to talk with them. Since Rohun has to work almost every day, his mom has offered to take us out once in a while too if we'd like. I took her up on her offer and later today we're going to go shopping. I'm very excited to go and find some sweet clothes! I believe it's fairly inexpensive here. I literally didn't have anything in my wardrobe for such heat (the same situation can up in Egypt), I mean when in Prague or on the Oregon Coast will it get up to 100 degrees, nearly never!

By the way, they can make a mean cup of Indian chai over here.... MMMMMmmmm!

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