Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cocktail Recipes and Tips

So I'm still in India, hanging out with our friend Rohun having an easy relaxing day. I did however run across something very interesting, well interesting to me anyway. I found a book on India's nightlife that has a section with tips and recipes. Score!

So here's some tips I found very helpful:
-Do chill the glass before serving the cocktail. Place it in the freezer half an hour before use.
-To give the glass a sugar-frosted look, dampen the rim of the pre-chilled glass with a slice of lemon and lip the rim into sugar.

Caribbean Dawn

-60ml pineapple juice
-5ml lime juice
-10ml grenadine
-sprite and soda for topping
-10ml orange squash

Top the glass with ice.
Pour the grenadine first, then orange squash, then lime.
Pour pineapple juice and top with Sprite and soda.

Suggested: You can drop in lime slices and cherries.

Apple Pie Mojito

-45ml spiced rum
-6 lime wedges
-4/5 slice of apple
-10ml cinnamon syrup
-10 mint leaves
-bubbly apple soda/juice
-2 cinnamon sticks

Squeeze and drop the lime wedges into the glass.
Tear mint leaves over the lime and cinnamon. Muddle.
Fill the glass with crushed ice.
Add spiced rum, cinnamon syrup and stir.
Top with more crushed ice and top with the apple soda.

Garnish with Apples.

Blond Sangria

-Cut fruits (litchi, kiwi, pineapple, strawberries, apples)
-375ml chilled white wine
-75ml citrus vodka (to soak fruits)
-sprite and apple soda or juice

Soak all the fruit in citrus vodka overnight.
Add the soaked fruit and ice into a pitcher.
Fill with white wine and top it with sprite and apple juice half and half.

Enjoy! I can't wait to try these...

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