Saturday, November 27, 2010

Winter Holiday: Vienna

We decided to go visit our friend in Vienna the 19th to the 21st of November. We waited until the last moment however to buy our bus tickets, so we had to catch the early 8am buses.
When we got there it was time for lunch, so Kara took us to this nice little place near her apartment where I had some traditional Austrian cuisine called Kasnocken. It's small dumplings (not like the Czech or American kind) combined with melted cheese. Mmm it was really good. David got a super long toasted bread with toppings (as you can see).

One thing that I loved about Vienna during the holidays was all the decorations. Christmas lights were put up all around the city. Since it gets so dark early, we'd be walking about with these amazing lights twinkling all around us. It felt like we were walking around in a fairytale!

Above is a picture of David and I sharing a Pretzel. It was SO good. I hate that I can't find these amazing Pretzels in the U.S. or Prague. Instead of eating bread I would always eat these.
The Christmas Markets in Vienna were so great. They are a really great tradition that started way back in 1298 when Albrecht I granted Vienna's citizens the privilege of holding a December Market or Krippenmarkt.

These markets were all around the city so as you walk around you end up running into many of them. David and I ended up trying a bunch of the different hot punches. My favorite ended up being the Amaretto one.
Below Kara and I are testing out the punch!

I didn't actually try out the Pretzels below, but they looked pretty interesting. I love how central Europeans put Marzipan on everything. I love Marzipan.

At one of the markets there was a hay field for all the kids to run around in and play. They would dig through it and roll around. I even caught 'several' moms doing the same thing. The moms even threw around the hay in the air (personally I think they liked it more than the kids).
The picture above is funny because I wasn't the only one who wore a panda hat!

Overall I really enjoyed our trip to Vienna and know we'll be back. Christmas time is such a beautiful time in Vienna. It was also so nice to see our friend finally and have her show us around.

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