Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Czech Thanksgiving Dinner Party

Thankgiving ended up being such a fun celebration! Friday evening we all gathered at Frank's home, eat and drank away with the best of company. Everyone brought a dish or two so that we'd have enough food for everyone. I ended up making some Czech cookies, 2 apple pies, and some mashed potatoes. It all turned out good (thank goodness it all tasted really great). The one thing that was missing was the turkey. We replaced it with 2 chickens and a pork knee (sound gross perhaps but it's a popular chunk of meat here and it's SO delicious!). Katie made some corn bread, stuffing and cookies. Sarah (a German friend) made hot wine and brought a pumpkin pie.

David and I were the first to arrive at about 6pm but it didn't take long for others to arrive. We ended up eating at about 8pm and hung out until about midnight. I think there were about 20 people that came. It was pretty chaotic. Last year we didn't have as many people so it was more of a sit down dinner where this one was all over the place.

We're missing some people in this group shot... but not many. :)

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