Friday, May 21, 2010

Some last great times with great new friends :D

So I have been trying to really balance my finals & papers with all the last (before I leave) fun friend gatherings. Lately David and I have been hanging out more with three great people, Katha (Austrian), Victor and Ben (French). We have been having tons of fun with them. I'm pretty sure we will be visiting all of them next year when we get back. Katha lives in/near Vienna, so I think we'll be able to visit her a few times. I'm also really excited for going back to France because I thought Paris was great. I'm sure the other parts of the country are even better. This past Tuesday was Victor's birthday, so there was a Surprise Birthday party on Saturday and then we went to a karaoke bar on his actual birthday. Below are a few pictures form our adventures =)
Below is a picture of when Victor blew out the candle and sent a huge cloud of powder sugar in the air. Everybody got a taste, hehe.
One of the birthday presents Victor got was a Star Wars lightsaber ... As you can see him and David had a great time battling it out. This picture is just priceless. Look at how David shows no mercy to the birthday boy!

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