Monday, April 19, 2010

Finally... Made it to the Moravian area!

So just this past weekend David and I made it finally to Moravia. I've been wanting to go there forever. The area we stayed in was Otrokovice, near Zlin (Southeastern part). We also went to several of the small towns around the area. Check out the map to get a better understanding of where we went.

Miloslav and Marketa were our hosts (they live in Otrokovice). David actually met Miloslav on one of his gun forums. They are both Czech lawyers who just officially got their licenses to practice. They were super awesome because they were nice enough to drive us around everywhere and give a great tour. Not only did they show us everything, they had tons of information to tell us about all the different locations. The location of their house was in a small and very quiet neighborhood... It was so quaint! It reminded me of when I went to Czech when I was 17. At that time my uncle drove me around to so many different towns and villages. The vibe of the towns in Moravia is so different compared to fast pace Prague.

For David's Birthday we also went to a gun range and went shooting. It's been so long since I've gone shooting. David of course was right at home.
Oh yes, we took the dogs. I think it was really good for them because they got to walk the whole time. They were always really good. No problems on the train (which was a pretty long trip, like 3/4 hours), restaurants, etc.


  1. I like the look of your blog now! Those are great pictures. I couldn't think of a better birthday gift for David than to go shooting!

  2. OMG my comments work now! Too bad I don't get notified when I receive them. Maybe there's a setting thing I can change.