Friday, December 17, 2010

Must try! Svařák aka Hot mulled wine.

Today was my only break (because I discovered that I don't have to take an exam til later) so I decided to treat my self to a svařák! I could have gone to the Christmas market right across the street but thinking about it I realized that it would be cheap and tastier if I just made some myself. What I really love about the hot wine is that it is the EASIEST and most festive drink ever! This holiday I totally suggest you try to make it... the best is to bust if out at a family or friend's house to surprise then.

~1 liter red wine
~1-2 cinnamon sticks
~6-7 cloves
~lemon slices (can also add orange slices)
~sugar to taste

That's it! So simple!
Simmer/warm on stove for a bit. Enjoy!

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