Monday, January 4, 2010

I hope everyone had a good New Years!

Štastný Nový Rok!!!!

This Silvester was a pretty tame and low key event. My friend Katie and I decided to hang out together. Althought Katie's parents are in town they decided to stay in their hotel in the city center. So it was just us two... until we visited my family.

At first we started off by having a few drinks at my place, and caught up. It's been a while since we talked because she's been busy hanging out with her family. She even took a trip to Vienna. I'm very jealous, I would love to go there some time. After we chatted for a while we went upstairs to visit Pepa, Bara, and their friends/family. There were a ton of people up there from Bara's side of the family. We hung out, made some drinks and had a good time. People even started to song and dance! After a while we wanted to venture out to a local pub we know. We had some beers and watched the fireworks outside when midnight approached.

Katie and Lenka

Also, an update on David's situation. I went see the foreign police to register and to ask about David. The woman there gave me the answer I thought she would... David will just have to apply for a VISA based on the fact that I have one (family reunion). I think technically I could apply for a permanent residency but only because I used to be a citizen. David will never be able to apply for the residency because he has no ties to the Czech Republic (since I can't get my citizenship back). It would have been nice for him to have the residency because then he'd be able to work (and do whatever an EU citizen can), instead of hassle with a VISA. Now we know he can stay (if they accept the VISA), but it still won't be a work VISA, so he'll have to find a job under the table. Ugh! Always something!

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