Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween in Prague.

I must admit I was totally unprepared for this Halloween. I ran upstairs to Pepik's (my dad) apartment and borrowed a witch hat and Chert horns from Erik (my half brother). I must admit that although our costumes were quite basic, they were fun and turned out ok. Our friend Katie was a 1920s flapper. At first we headed to Katie's apartment to dress up and than headed out to this party where dressing up was required. If we had costumes we could get in for free and get free shots. Unfortunatly when we arrived they were already full, so we went to meet up with two other friends (Frank and Dima- who are also in our IEPS Masters Program). Even though we didn't get into the one place we had fun just hanging out in other local clubs.

I hope you enjoy the photos, some are pretty funny...

This is the first time David's ever put on make up, haha!
Before we went to Katie's to dress up, we went to the pub to talk and hang out with family. Above is David with Bara, and below is Cindy (half sister), her boyfriend Martin, and Pepik.

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