Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Czech National Holiday! Nov. 17th

"On Nov. 17, 20 years to the day since the start of the Velvet Revolution, when the police beat hundreds of protesting university students on Narodni Street...

(((The protest was located right on the street one of my classes is on. Plus Pepik told me that he took me near the protest (when I was still a baby) when it was happening!!)))

"We Czechs and Slovaks have a tradition of dealing with various issues in the pub rather than on the battlefield,” Mr. Havel said at a recent news conference to mark the revolution’s anniversary.

You can get a feel for the early dissident days at Vltava (www.restauracevltava.cz), a pub where Mr. Havel and his fellow rebels often discussed Charter 77, the anti-Communist manifesto of 1977 that was a precursor to the revolution a decade later..."

Interesting... right?!

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