Saturday, September 26, 2009


So my time in Prague has been pretty awesome so far. David and I have mainly been hanging out with the family. They have been so ridiculously nice and helpful that I almost don't know if there's any way of repaying them! Everyday they have fed us, took us aro-
und, helped us with getting a cell phone, bank account, metro passes, and paperwork filled out. Without them life would be so much harder! Cindy, Nicole, and Eric are pretty awesome k
ids, they are so fun to hang out with and talk to. Before I never really got a chance to know them... Now I'm feeling super comfortable with them and love just handing out. Cindy is 16 years old (I believe), Nicole just turned 14 (today!), and Eric is 9 (I think).

So today we went to Tesco (closest comparison would be to a European Walmart...) and bought some things for our room and food for Nicole's Bday. We ended up making so much food... it was sooo good. Photo: Me and Cindy

Pepik made potatos with meat... I wish I had a picture though because I have o idea how to do it justice by explaining... Then we made the small sandwiches... and they bought this peanut cake (which was very good!).

David and I ended up finding Twilight in the Czech language, so of course I had to get it for Nicole for her birthday. Luckily she likes to read, so she should enjoy it! We also gave her some head phones because she ended up getting a MP3 player for her Bday...

And to finish it off, we hung out, made some Rum and Cokes (not David though... he had one too many the night before ;) and hung out.

Eric, Nicole, and one of Nicole's friends.

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