Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Heading Back to Praha

It's been nice to be back in the States where I have my own car, am able to enjoy my hobbies and have normal American grocery stores. :) However I'm heading back to the homeland for another 4 months this Sunday the 27th. I'm pretty estatic that I have a good flight back, total duration of only 13 hours (YES!). No 20 hours like I'm used to... I only hope that I can sleep. I'll be arriving in Prague 2:40pm. I saved some crowns for the trip back to the apartment, so I don't need to have Pepa come get me... but I do need some kind of way to get inside since I didn't take the keys with me.

Everything is coming up so quickly! I only have like 4 days left. Aye! I need to start packing to see what I have and if I need anything to take back. I think I'll be making a trip to Walmart or Target to pick up any items I need this Saturday. I will not forget the tampons this time! Seriously I know it's strange that I bring this up, but one thing that hasn't made it's way to Czech yet is regular tampons with an applicator.

Alright I have to do this, I'm making a list of all the things I'm going to miss here in the good 'ol USA:
1. Friends & Family (duh)
2. Fresh Coastal Air
3. American grocery stores
4. Affordable clothing stores
5. My sewing machine
6. GOOD martinis
7. Brewed coffee with Coffeemate creamer
8. My car
9. Chipoltle Mexican Grill
10. Running route where nobody stares at you
11. Baking & cooking with American ingredients ;)

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