Thursday, March 11, 2010

Busy Month

With classes starting and Spring approaching... I've got tons on my mind.

First of all I am really determined to stay on top of my studies and pass all of them with 1s (As). I have decided to risk only taking the first exam with no opportunity to retake anything. I've chosen this because I bought my ticket to go back to the States June 3rd. I think the last day of classes is May 21st, so this will give me just enough time to finish up all my papers and tests the very first week of finals. I am super excited to go back in June. I know that after the first month I will probably have my fill (mostly because of the working part, not friends & family) and be okay with heading back to Prague.

This month David is finally coming back, I'm super excited. I won't be alone all the time anymore! I mean it will be pretty interesting to see us get back in the groove of living together because I'm quite used to being by myself. It can be relaxing at times. I can throw all my focus on school and other things. I'm also starting to work out every day, so hopefully I will successful fulfill my goal by June 1st! I had my opportunity to work out everyday during the time David was away but it has been so cold and snowy that I've been so discouraged! I really want to go out and run like I used to. Currently I've started a diet along the lines of 'The biggest Loser,' I really hope it works out!

I'm also very excited for Art and Kai to come visit! Finally someone is coming over here! Too bad I have school, but I will try my hardest to get a couple weeks of homework and readings done so I can hang out with them. I really hope that my mom, sister, and cousins can come here next year sometime too.

Oh ya, and so many birthdays are coming up! I wish I could be there for everyone's birthday! I would make everyone an awesome cake! Honestly I'm just happy that I'll at least be able to celebrate David's birthday with him. I already got him something that I found here at the market. I think he'll like it.

So as far as a job goes (for when I get back), I think I have some ideas. I was considering asking for an old job back working in an imports store. I like the job because I only have to work with one/two other people and then the majority of the time I can be by myself. I love just being independent and talking to costumers on my own dime. It's a very chill atmosphere and I've really gotten to know the ladies that manage the shop. I really hope that they pay good though (meaning above minimum, although I'm not expecting much). I also really want to see about not working Saturdays. I know this is like a dream that will most likely not come true... but I can hope! I think I'll write a letter to the owner and the managers and ask them what they think about me coming back. Then I can tell them my situation and ask about pay and days on & off. I might also ask to work at the old time photos place again on my days off. I think I'm going to start work the 9th... something like that. I need a couple of days off so I can really see everyone and visit!

Well that's enough for now! Thanks for reading! Bye!

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