Sunday, December 6, 2009

Riots just around the corner.

So this is just a quick little update. I didn't exactly do a post yet on our trip here to Greece... I was planning on doing it after I came back. However... I didn't realize we would be here during a demonstration and riot!

There was a planned demonstration by anarchists, students, and others to bring up issues such as the death of a youth killed by a police officer in last years riot. Personally it looks like they are just using the boy as a symbol for their hate of the police... The demonstration began at 1:30pm, and the riots broke out many about a couple of hours later. David and I decided to walk around the more touristy areas, but then decided we had to check out the situation.

After eating we walked towards some noise we heard. This was around 2:30pm... What we came across was a huge group of thousands of people walking and chanting. As we approached, David got out his camera and started filming. Right off the bat we notice some guy smashing marble off the side of the building. Then we turn a little and a trash can is lit on fire. It was the end of the group, so the riot cops started to push along the people.

We followed the group, moved to the front, and went to the school where the more extreme rioters were. We heard the rioters breaking windows (and saw the broken shop windows), experienced the tear gas (we were close so we got a good whiff of it), saw the fires, and watched as the rocks were being thrown at the cops.

There's so much going on, I think we're going to go out one more time... We'll be careful.

Here is one clip that we filmed, check it out. David and I ended up getting really close, so the clip is pretty crazy.

Here it is:

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